Winter is Here, Are You Prepared?

Winter is Here, Are You Prepared?

Don't get caught in a cold situation where you're not prepared.

"Would you rather be proactive or reactive?" my brother-in-law asked when I brought up a safety concern regarding my family.

"Proactive" was my obvious response.

When it comes to safety, as a society, we have always adopted the proactive approach with almost everything we do, seat belts, handrails, earmuffs, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, most of our safety products have been created in response to some unfortunate accident that resulted in someone's death or a very close call.  We have learned over time that we all face a certain amount of risk everyday, even driving to and from work.

Enter winter driving.

Have you ever seen someone caught at the side of the road or possibly stuck in a ditch in the winter and you can tell they are not prepared for the situation they are now in? I remember my friend drift off the highway into a farmer's field and the six of passengers were stuck for 5-6 hours until they were back on the road.

With supplies ranging from First Aid and Roadside Emergency kits, SOG Folding shovels to Booster Cables, you can be prepared for winter and we can help.


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