Tru Flare Signal Cartridges Bear Banger
Having the ability to scare off bears, cougars and other animals from a distance is a fundamental tool when outdoors. Consider this your way to alert or scare bears and other animals before they get too close for comfort.
The Tru Flare Bear Banger works
Safe Cross Rescue Foil Blanket
Multipurpose, emergency first aid blanket made of aluminized, non-stretch polyester
Reflects body heat back to the user
Stays flexible in freezing temperatures
Lightweight and compact
Windproof and waterproof
Tru Flare Whistles (Screamers) Centerfire 6/box
Similar to the Tru Flare Bear Banger this Whistle Cartridge is used for scaring bears, cougars and other animals from a distance.
Also known as screamers and for good reason. When fired this cartridge travels 46m (150ft) producing a loud, high pitched sc
Tru Flare Signal Flare RED
These signal flares project about 45+ meters. Red is distress, green is OK signal, and white is used as a locator. These flares are used by campers/hikers, inshore distress signalling, oil, and natural gas industry and forestry.
Tru Flare Pen Type Launcher Kit
This pen-sized launcher can fire flares or noise-making bear bangers.
Tru Flare Pen Signal Launcher
This pen-sized launcher can fire flares or noise-making bear bangers.
For15mm center-fire cartridges only, not compatible with rim-fire cartridges.
Hayes 1 Quart Canteen
Hayes 1 quart canteen.
Rothco Genuine G.I. 3 Piece 1 Quart Plastic Canteen
Genuine G.I. 3 Piece 1 Quart Plastic Canteens are BPA Free and made of high-density polyethylene and will fit into any G.I Style canteen cover.

1 Quart G.I. Canteen
BPA Free Plastic Material
Screw-On Cap
Rothco Polyester Paracord -50 FT
Rothco's Nylon Paracord is made by a certified U.S. Government Contractor and has been verified and tested for its strength.

High Tensile Strength 550 LB Tested 100% Nylon Type III Military Grade Paracord
Diameter Is Approximately 5/32 Inches And Feat
Nite Ize Carabiner Slidelock Steel #4
Nite Ize carabiner slidelock steel #4.
Rothco Paracord Compass Bracelet 8 Inches
Rothco's paracord compass bracelet 8 inches.
UST Waterproof Match Case
Keep your matches or tinder dry for when you need them most.
UST Butane Quadruple Refined
Quadruple-refined butane fuel for optimal performance of your UST Lighter.
Glow sticks
Assorted glow sticks.
UNEX Snare Wire - Stainless Steel - 25' roll - 0.025"
UNEX's snare wire, stainless steel 25' roll, 0.025"
5.11 Tactical Hardpoint M2 Carabiner
The Hardpoint M2 is a stainless steel carabiner with a self-closing wire gate, integrates seamlessly into MOLLE webbing, HEXGRID® arrays, and similar load bearing platforms. It has gimped edges for grip and a powder coated finish for low visibility.
Rothco Nylon Paracord Type III 550 lb 100ft
Rothco Nylon paracord type III 550 lb 100ft.
ACME Whistles Tornado Slimline Whistle
Small profile with loud sound
Safety of Life at Sea International Regulations approved
Used by the Mountain Rescue Council