Zippo Butane Lighter Insert- Yellow Flame
Zippo's yellow flame butane insert is the perfect accessory for any classic Zippo lighter case. The refillable butane insert stays true to Zippo's roots in form and function and produces an odorless yellow flame for even more versatility.
Klymit Traverse Single Hammock , Green
We’re introducing a new approach to hammocks with a single panel design instead of the traditional three-panel design. In addition to looking pretty cool, this creates a more comfortable sleeping position.
Zippo Lighters Classic Realtree Edge
The camouflage skin wraps entirely around the case of the lighter. The camouflage skin varies with each lighter design making each unique. 
UCO Stormproof Behemoth Strikable Fire Starter
Stormproof strikable tip, can be used with included striker in bag, eliminating need for matches. Made from sugarcane waste – bagasse is a fibrous sugarcane by-product and is used around the world as a renewable bio fuel.
UCO Sweetfire Strikable Fire Starter
The Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter is not only sweet for your gear collection, it's sweet for the planet. Made from a sugarcane by-product called bagasse, this key ingredient is already used around the world as a renewable biofuel.
Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets 
Rothco's Potable aqua water purification tablets.
Zippo Single Burner Torch - Filled
Take the customization process one step further with your choice of insert. A single bright blue flame deploys at the push of a button, in this new torch insert.
Coghlans Emergency Blanket
A compact, lightweight blanket made from aluminized, non-stretch polyester. Stays flexible in freezing temperatures and reflects body heat. Wind and waterproof.
BioLite 4 X1 Solar Chaining Cable
Looking to concentrate your power generation from the sun? This adapter cable to enables up to 4 BioLite Solar Panel 100s to connect to a single Base Charge 1500 power station creating up to 400W of input for faster recharge times.
Zippo Lighters Classic Street Chrome
Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click". All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere. Refillable for a lifetime of use.
Zippo Lighters Classic Orange Matte
Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click". All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere. Refillable for a lifetime of use. 
Zippo Fire Fast Torch
The FireFast® Torch delivers power and performance when you need it most, starting the fire. This durable torch with patented ignition lights with ease and burns strong with an adjustable soft yellow or blue flame torch.
UCO Stormproof Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter
Matches and tinder all in one. Using leftover fibrous biomass from sugarcane production (known as bagasse) the SweetFire fire starter turns waste into value.

Infused with vegetable wax for up to 7 minutes of burn time
UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit
These matches burn tenaciously and will relight even after several seconds of complete submersion. Includes a waterproof case, so a great addition to any emergency kit.
Stansport Deluxe Multi Function Compass With Mirrored Cover
Whether you're hiking, paddling or hunting, you'll stay found with our versatile, multi-function compass. Featuring a high impact plastic case and a contoured, easy grip bezel, our compass is both rugged and comfortable to use.
BioLite SiteLight String
Bring the stars a little closer with this constellation of lights, designed for easy, instant setup. Containing four lights per string, the SiteLight String can light pathways, campsites, and tents with 150 lumens of ambient light.
HQ Outfitters DS-1006 Folding Camo Stool
FOLDING CAMPING STOOL: Whether it’s hunting, camping, fishing, or any other adventure you go on, this folding stool makes your adventure enjoyable and relaxing. It is made of a sturdy steel frame with premium quality nylon fabric.
Zippo Fire Starter Combo Kit
Whether you keep one with your camping gear or need it in a pinch, this Fire Starter Combo Kit has the essentials for any scenario. The Mag Strike ferrocerium rod and striker delivers a shower of sparks onto the quick-lighting
Zippo Emergency Fire Kit
Designed to save the day, the Emergency Fire Kit comes through when others turn back. Its compact and high-caliber construction packs enough punch to overpower bleak conditions and fire up your campsite at a moment's notice.
Zippo Hand Warmer Gift Set
When it's cold outside stay warm with these reliable outdoor products.  This hand warmer gift set has everything needed to enjoy the great outdoors from hunting to hitting the ski slopes.
River's Edge Back Scratcher
Features a durable heavy duty steel shaft so you can really get down in there. Measures 20-inches in length to get even the hardest to reach spots.
Alps Mountaineering Excursion Trekking Pole
The Excursion trekking pole is constructed of high quality aluminum that is great for trail hiking. The adjustable pole has a built in anti-shock system so even if the terrain gets rugged, you're ready to conquer.
Splat-R-Ball Sub 400 Full And Semi Auto Soft Water Bead Blaster
Splat R Ball everything in your path at up to 8 Splat R Balls per second with Splat R Ball® Water Bead Blaster. Up to 200 feet per second!
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