Tactical flashlights

Fenix PD35 V2.0
Fenix's PD35 V2.0 flashlight
Fenix TK22UE
The Fenix TK22UE tactical flashlight is an upgraded version of the popular tactical TK22 model. Featuring improved performance, this flashlight can throw 1600 lumens a staggering 1,329 feet (405m). It can be powered by either a 21700 (included) or an 1865
QuiqLite X USB Rechargeable Red/White
QuiqLite X USB Rechargeable Red/White light.
Fenix AER-03 V2.0 Remote Switch
Fenix's AER-03 remote flashlight switch
Fenix TK26R
The Fenix TK26R is a tactical flashlight packed full of features. Not only do you have five modes of white light, but you also have an independent red and green light. Powered by one included 18650 battery, this light can blast a maximum 1500 lumens 1148f
QuiqLite Hands Free Pocket Concealable Flashlight
QiqLite hands free pocket concealable flashlight.
Fenix PD35 Tactical
The Fenix PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition) LED Flashlight, remains in its pocket-size form but surpasses the traditional PD35 in performance and tactical deployment. Designed with the military and law enforcement professionals in mind, the PD35 TAC is measured
Fenix LD30 with battery
Fenix LD30 flashlight with battery.
Fenix PD36R
Fenix PD36R flashlight.
Fenix Fenix TK 15UE Black
Fenix's TK15UE black Flashlight model
QuiqLite Med
The QuiqLiteMED LED was designed specifically for those in the medical field. The QuiqLiteMED provides light where you need it most, while allowing you to use both hands. Seamlessly fitting with your medical uniform, the QuiqLiteMED clips easily, allowing
Fenix TK25UV
The Fenix TK25 UV is a tactical flashlight that features an innovative mode switching head that allows you to switch between white light and ultra-violet light. The 3000mW UV light is great for counterfeit currency detection as well as other professional
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