5.11 Tactical Flex Shotgun Bandolier
Our Flex Shotgun Bandolier takes the headache out of locating and anchoring spare shotgun ammunition. This versatile bandolier utilizes our FLEX-HT™️ Mounting System and holds up to five shotshells at the ready in individual elastic slots.
5.11 Tactical Flex TacMed Pouch
Our Flex TacMed Pouch puts low drag back in your first-aid response with a quick-pull, drop-down front opening where bungee cords, pockets and elastic bands retain lifesaving supplies up front and ready to go.
5.11 Tactical Kubaton Tactical Pen
With refined styling and precise balance, the Kubaton Tactical Pen feels solid yet nimble in hand. It features a pummel-grip textured, anodized aluminum body, and a twist open pressurized ink cartridge.
Smith & Wesson 21" Collapsible Baton
The 21" Baton  from Smith & Wesson is protection in an easy-to-carry, quick-to-access form. This Smith & Wesson baton feature hard-anodized 4130 seamless aluminum steel (HRC 46-47), telescoping friction lock construction
Smith & Wesson 26" Collapsible Baton
Smith N Wesson 26 inch Collapsible Baton is made from black 4130 seamless alloy steel tubing with HRC of 46-47. It has a tensile strength of 6638.78lbf (3011.3kgf), a bending strength of 4055.84lbf .
5.11 Tactical Mission Ready Dog Harness
Always ready to roam, the Mission Ready™ Dog Harness provides a stable and secure solution for your dog's wear.
5.11 Tactical Drop Down Utility Pouch
Meet your plate carrier or packs new best friend. The Drop Down Utility Pouch opens completely for easy access to all your equipment. Side gussets allow for extra storage while vertical laser-cut pills and a securing strap .
5.11 Tactical Flex Medium GP Pouch Ranger Green
Roomy and versatile, the Flex Medium GP Pouch attaches to all platforms via Flex-HT™ Mounting System’s ½” webbing ladder and ¾” TPU-coated straps
5.11 Tactical Flex Medium Gp Pouch- Black
Roomy and versatile, the Flex Medium GP Pouch attaches to all platforms via Flex-HT™ Mounting System’s ½” webbing ladder and ¾” TPU-coated straps
Zak Tools River Belt Key Ring Holder
Zak Tool #55 tactical keyring holder with black powder coat finish. 3 7/16" long. 1 keyring included. Easy one hand operation. Heavy duty with reliable and secure positive retention. For use on duty belts up to 2 1/4".
5.11 Tactical Flex Med Pouch
On scene, having quick access to even your most basic gear is imperative. The Flex Med Pouch carries EMT essentials like bandages, shears, tourniquet, and wound dressing.
QuiqLite TAQ Wallet
The New QuiqLite TAQ Wallet is our newest addition to our line of taqtical (tactical) products designed for public safety professionals. TAQ Wallet is THE WORLD’S ONLY tactical wallet with a high-power USB rechargeable LED flashlight with Safety Strobe, i
5.11 Tactical SB Expand Baton Pouch
5.11® Sierra Bravo Duty Pouches are the new standard in utility storage for law enforcement professionals, tactical operators, and private security personnel worldwide, and are designed to provide maximum durability in any environment
5.11 Tactical Rapid Duffle Sierra
Traditional duffel bags have a habit of surrendering at inopportune moments, precisely why we introduced our tactically styled Rapid Duffel Sierra. Its padded bottom and rugged handles can take mountains of abuse.
Nanuk Nano 330
Compact and built for the roughest conditions, the Nano 330 is perfect for protecting larger phones, cables, keys, wallets, credit cards, SD/memory cards, cigars, lighters and much more. Its interior rubber webbing keeps items in their place while its Pow
Militaur First Responder Door Stop/Jam

Our First Responder Door Jams are MOLLE/PALS compatible and made from durable high impact rubber allowing flexibility for multi door use.

These door jams are easy to use and can be placed on the top, on the edge or over th
5.11 Tactical Flex 6X9 Vertical Pouch
The Flex 6.9 Vertical Pouch organizes and protects your gear with the kind of secure retention you’ve come to expect from 5.11. This pouch’s generous interior measures 9 x 6 x 3.5 inches, perfect for carrying a variety of duty necessities.
5.11 Tactical Thigh Rig -Black
A highly useful accessory used by sportsmen, patrol officers, and tactical operators across the country, the 5.11® Thigh Rig is a lightweight, reliable, and completely customizable storage expansion for your mission-critical gear.
5.11 Tactical Sb Keepers 2.25"
Lightweight and abrasion resistant
Designed to work with the Sierra Bravo Duty Belt
Pack of 4
Strong Leather Company Clip-On Badge Holder
Keep your badge within reach with this Strong Leather Company clip on badge holder. This oval badge holder uses Velcro to secure your credential. It features a pocket on the back for storing a neck chain and makes it easy to deploy the chain to wear your
First Tactical Internal Elbow Pad , Black
The First Tactical Internal Elbow Pads cushion critical areas while they move and breathe with you.
5.11 Tactical PT-R Weight Kit 100
Enlist in the always training lifestyle with our PT-R Weight Kit 100. Two PT-R 50 liners capable of holding 50 pounds of sand , along with a zippered Physical Training - Ready bag to haul the mettle-testing 100 pounds.
Zak Tools Swivel Key , Pink
Handcuff keys are of a standard design and are compatible with all standard series handcuffs. All keys are made of heat treated stainless steel and are designed to provide an indefinite period of service.
High Speed Gear Slick Handcuff TACO U-Mount
100% aircraft grade Kydex body gives a smooth finish for easy insertion and draw will fit  both chained and hinged cuffs. The kydex will hold up to the weight of handcuffs without bending, sagging or deforming.
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