Stanley Stanley 12oz Classic Legendary Camp Mug
There’s so much to love about this mug. For starters, it holds a generous 12 oz, so there’s no skimping necessary. And Stanley’s legendary vacuum insulation means your favorite drinks will stay hot (or cold), taking you from coffee break to cocktail hour.
Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller
The Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 15-foot zone of protection. This compact, easy-to-use and stylish device will look great on any patio or deck while it works to keep pesky mosquitoes from biting and
Stanley 16OZ Classic Travel French Press Hammertone Green
Stanley's 16OZ classic travel French press in hammertone green.
Thermacell Repeller Olive Appliance
ThermaCELL® MR 300G Portable Mosquito Repeller alleviates the annoyance from mosquitoes by repelling and killing mosquitoes and reducing the number of bites in an area as large as an average-size deck or patio (up to 4.5 meters from the product) for up to
Thermacell Repeller Value Pack Refill
The Thermacell mosquito repeller cartridge and mat refill pack effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 4.5 meter zone of protection when used in a Thermacell repeller. This refill pack containing 12 repellent mats and 4 fuel cartridges will last 48 ho
Stanley Stanley Adventure 7QT Cooler Navy
This beefy boy holds all the goodies - keeping them cold for 27 hours, nearly 40% longer than your typical cooler. This means longer tailgates, hikes & campouts.
Stanley 8OZ Master Flask Olive Drab
Holy crow, you see this sexy hooch-hauler? Cold-rolled steel, finished in the perfect Foundry black powdercoat. Its tool-styled finished cap was crafted with internal threads for a smooth lip land with every swig. Picking up what we’re putting down? No? T
Stanley Adventure 1.5L 2-Bowl Camp Cook Set Silver
Stanley's adventure 1.5L 2 bowl camp cook set in silver.
Stanley Adventure 3.7QT Basecamp Cook Set Silver
Stanley's adventure 3.7QT basecamp cook set in silver.
Tru Flare Pen Signal Launcher
This pen-sized launcher can fire flares or noise-making bear bangers.
For15mm center-fire cartridges only, not compatible with rim-fire cartridges.
Tru Flare Whistles (Screamers) Centerfire 6/box
Similar to the Tru Flare Bear Banger this Whistle Cartridge is used for scaring bears, cougars and other animals from a distance.
Also known as screamers and for good reason. When fired this cartridge travels 46m (150ft) producing a loud, high pitched sc
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