First Aid Accessories

SAM Medical Splints - Multipurpose
A multipurpose splint that is easy for for travel and perfect to add into a first aid kit.
System 4 Multicuff, Standard, Latex Free
A multi-pocketed heavy duty black nylon zipper case that keeps each component securely in place, yet remains instantly accessible.
Safe Cross CPR Pocket Face Mask , Reusable
Reusable medical grade thermo-plastic physical protection barrier to prevent the victim's breath and bodily fluids from reaching the rescuer. Features a soft inflated cuff for a leak-proof seal . 
5.11 Tactical Tourniquet Holder
Tourniquet Holder provides secure carry of a C-A-T® Tourniquet. Its proprietary design allows rapid access from the top or bottom of the holder while protecting both the windlass clip and rod from abrasion.
Stethoscope BP Cuff Set
Stethoscope BP Cuff set.
Dynarex Gallant Disposable Prep Razor
The Dynarex Gallant Disposable Prep Razors feature a stainless steel blade and open design allowing an optimal view of the shaving area. Gallant prep razors are easy to use, requiring only light gentle pulling instead of pressure.
Tongue Depressor 6" Individually Wrapped (25/pkg)
Tongue depressor 6" individually wrapped 25 pack.
Celox Granules, 15g
Celox's hemostatic granules 15g pack.
Dynamic Safety Biomed Wash Solution 210 ML
BIO MED WASH® is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH-correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water. All-natural, bio-compatible hydrotherapy product replaces distilled, saline and tap water for most applications.
First Aid Blanket
First aid blanket made with a multi blend fiber. 
Zenith Safety Products Emergency Blanket
The disposable emergency blanket reflects up to 90% of body heat and is lightweight and compact in size.
Dynamic Safety Eye Cup for Eye Wash Bottle
This eye cup can be used with any of the 500 ml or 1L eye wash solution bottles. For easy application when using eye wash solution to clean hazardous debris or chemicals out of the eyes and eye area.
Safe Cross Eye Wash Solution , 500ml
Eyewash solution to treat eye injuries and relieves irritations caused by foreign materials and dust. The eye wash solution also helps the  pH level to back to normal in case of exposure to acid or alkaline .
Dynamic Safety Disposable Rescue Breather, Single Use Face Shield, Class 2
C.P.R. shield with one way valve in Ziplock bag . Single-use physical protection barrier to prevent the victim's breath and bodily fluids from reaching the rescuer.
Zenith Safety Products Nitrile, 8-mil, Powder-Free, Black, Heavy Weight Gloves
Fully textured diamond pattern provides maximum wet and dry grip with exceptional tactile sensitivity. Latex and powder-free. Superior puncture and tear resistance.
Zenith Safety Products Nitrile, 4.5-mil, Powder-Free, Blue Disposable Gloves
Pure 100% premium nitrile with textured surface provides superior wet and dry grip. Latex free. Protects against oil, grease and organic solvents as well as superior puncture resistance.
Rescue Essentials Talon Tactical Trauma Shears
These premium EMT shears are ultra-sharp, durable, reliable and affordable. The blades are made of high-quality Japanese steel, which is known for its hardness and ability to keep an edge. These shears can cut through heavy duty materials and seat belts w
Combat Application Tourniquet
Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T®) - GEN 7
Dynarex Examination Table Paper Smooth 225' (Case 12)
Machine glazed surface
Gentle on the patient
Durable to protect any type and size of exam table from moisture, soil, or other damage
Dynarex Disposable Pen Light with Pupil Guage
Dynarex Penlights provide focused illumination during examination and treatment. Printed on the side of each Portable Penlight is a labeled pupil gauge, convenient for sizing pupils.
Dynarex Cotton Tip Applicator 6”
Cotton tipped applicator sticks (wooden) and tips are manufactured to uniform length and shape and are highly absorbent. Sterile applicators are packaged in convenient peel-down pouches.
BIOS Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope
Professional grade medical stethoscope
Perfect for clinical doctors
Fits required medical standards
Two tube design
NaCL 0.9% Irrigation Solution 500ml
NaCL 0.9% irrigation solution 500ml
WaterJel Cool Jel Burn Gel - 3.5g pkg - 6/box
Water Jel Cool Jel Burn Jel - 3.5pkg - 6/box.
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