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Black Rifle Coffee Company "Coffee, or Die" Echo Ceramic Mug
When big is what you aim for, set the Coffee, or Die Big Ass Mug in your sights.
Black Rifle Coffee Company Ground 12oz Bag CAF
There is no Coffee more Canadian! Arabica beans, medium roasted, this blend is ONLY available in Canada, Eh!
Happy Yak Freeze Dried Meals Mom's Dried Tomato and Cheese Macaroni
Super plump noodles, a savoury tomato sauce, chunks of tomatoes, parmesan cheese and soy flakes blend beautifully to satisfy the best of appetites.
Black Rifle Coffee Company Ceramic BRCC Coffee Mug
BRCC roasts in a BRCC coffee mug? It's science!

Engineered by DARPA rocket surgeons to improve the already incredible taste of BRCC coffee.
Happy Yak Freeze Dried Meals Chicken Blanquette with Egg Noodles
A creamy bechamel sauce on a generous portion of egg noodles, topped with chunks of chicken and vegetables: mmm... savoury... With a hint of garlic, black peppercorns and a hint of garlic: divine! Some dishes deserve recognition on their own merits; this
Black Rifle Coffee Company Ground 12oz Bag Warriors Heart
Everyone knows Black Rifle Coffee is the best way to wake up and get primed for the day. Warriors Heart Blend will wake you up and prepare you to be a part of the solution when it comes to helping our nation's Protectors. By purchasing this product you be
Black Rifle Coffee Company Ground 12oz Bag Snipers' Hide
This is our lightest roast, but don't let that fool you. This blend of Colombian and Central American beans will sneak up and leave you wondering where the shot came from. We suggest looking in Central American and Colombian coffee farms. Adjusted for win
Happy Yak Freeze Dried Meals Shrimp Curry with Rice
A hearty portion of shrimp from the Gaspé Peninsula, in a rich curry and coconut milk sauce flavoured with hot spices: this is the delicacy that awaits you. Rice, cashew nuts and raisins add gusto to this dish.
Happy Yak Freeze Dried Meals Seafood Delight (w/ Bechamel Dill Sauce)
This delicacy is bound to please seafood lovers and everyone looking for a refined savoury meal. The seafood delight offers a generous portion of white rice, tender scallops, shrimp from the Gaspé Peninsula, and chunks of pollock. White wine, lemon and d
Happy Yak Freeze Dried Meals Mediterranean Pork
Couscous galore with generous chunks of braised pork, dried fruit, green and black olives, tomatoes, vegetables and spices that will no doubt tickle your taste buds and awaken your appetite. If you like sweet and salty, the exotic, and colourful dishes, y
Black Rifle Coffee Company Coffee Rounds
Available in 4 different flavours, Black Rifle Coffee has unleashed a cup of napalm for your morning. You'll love the smell of it, it smells like victory!
Black Rifle Coffee Company Ground 12oz Bag Fit Fuel
Black Rifle Coffee Company is taking the gym by force.
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