Dynarex Ink Cups
Dynarex ink cups are tough and durable, holding the perfect amount of ink for tattooing. Comes in multiple sizes and have a anti- tip base.
Dynarex Plastic Cord Covers
Strong and durable covers
Works on multiple types of cords
Perfect for tattoo machines and medical tools
24" x 2" covers
250 covers per box
Dynarex Tray Sleeves 10.5”x14”
Dynarex 10.5"x 14" tray sleeves are tough and durable. 500 Sleeves per pack.
Dynarex Black Rubber Bands
Dynarex's black rubber bands are tough and durable, perfect for tattoo machines. Comes in a 1 Ib bag.
Dynarex Machine Bags
Strong and durable bags
Fit multiple sized tattoo machines
500 bags per box
5" x 5" bags
Easy grab top slot
Dynarex Tray Sleeves 11-5/8”x16”
Strong and durable sleeves
11-5/8" x 16" sizing
500 sleeves per package
Perfect for medical/sterile settings
Dynarex Soaker Pads 6.25”x7”
These 6.25" x 7"  soaker pads are tough and durable and will be a perfect fit for small and medium sized wounds or tattoos. 
Dynarex Disposable Arm Sleeves
Disposable arm sleeves are tough and durable and fit multiple size and lengths while protecting the arm from chemicals and body fluids by having elastic ends to hold the sleeve in place.