Hearing Protection

Walker's GWP-RZRWT Walkie Attachment
Walkers GWP-RZRWT Razor Walkie Talkie Attachment Voice Activated Transmit (VOX), allows for hands-free communication up to 3 miles. Walkie Talkie Attachment has 22 channels and 99 sub channels for your family and friends to join!

Custom desi
Walker's RAZOR Slim Electronic Muffs
Sound dampening composite housing
• NRR 23
• Compact Folding Design

The Walker’s® Razor Slim Electronic Muff - Carbon provides ample decibel reduction with its advanced dynamic sound suppression that detects loud noises and cuts them off immediately
Earmor MaxDefense Ear Plugs NRR36 dB
Maxdefense ear plugs have slow release comfort foam and is molded with low pressure, fully skinned and tapered. Uncorded to relieve tangling stress. Noise reduction rating of 33 decibels and constructed to be washable for different uses.
Walker's Baby & Kids Hearing Protection/Folding Ear Muff
Walker's Folding Ear Muffs for Kid's are specifically designed to provide comfortable and effective hearing protection for children. The muffs are smaller in size and have soft foam ear pads to fit small heads snuggly for maximum hearing protection.