XCORTECH XT-301 Pistol Tracer Unit

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  • Ultra-compact design; less than 2.5" long and a little over 1" in diameter
  • High power UV LED technology illuminators; 2 illuminators built in for optimal performance
  • Built-in motion sensor; On and Off power controlled automatically by the sensor
  • Can sustain 35 (2100 RPM) rounds per second
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging port. Battery level indicator (Green, Yellow, Brown, Red Light) when on and low power protect
  • Integrated battery level indicator; battery lasts up to 20,000 rounds!
  • Tracer unit fits in other Airsoft suppressor shells that fall within specifications
  • 11mm Positive threads; package includes adapter to 14mm Negative threads
  • Manufacturer: Xcortech

    Color: Black
    Weight: 28g
    Length: 61mm (2.36")
    Diameter: 27mm (1.14")
    Threads: 11mm Positive (11mm Positive to 14mm Negative thread adapter included)
    Material Aluminum
    Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    Package Includes: Tracer Unit, 11mm positive to 14mm negative adapter, USB charging cable

    Disclaimer: Intended for use with GREEN glow-in-the-dark tracer BBs only. Results with other colors may vary

    Note: It is recommended to charge the unit every 2 months when in storage / not in use

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