Kershaw Knife Oil
Kershaw Knife Oil is engineered to protect and enhance your knife's folding mechanism. Wipe away debris and, if needed, wash with a mild detergent. Dry thoroughly.
Kershaw Rib
The Kershaw Rib 1372 is a cool pocket knife with a cleaver-style blade. You often see this type of blade on kitchen knives, and it is great for food prep and other daily tasks.
Kershaw Outlier
Bring a tactical edge to your loadout a Kershaw karambit blade. The Outlier’s steel back spacer includes jimping to fit a variety of grips, with or without the ring. A reverse grip, for example, is easily achieved with the Outlier.
Kershaw Electron
Stealthy like a spy in the night, the Electron harkens back to sleeve daggers used in espionage during World War II. This modern take on the classic design is made with a strong PA-66 nylon and glass fiber combo material.
Kershaw 1660X Leek
Kershaw 1660X Leek Assisted Opening Folding Knife, 3" Drop Point Blade. SpeedSafe ambidextrous assisted opening system. With SpeedSafe, you can smoothly and easily deploy the blade with one hand, either left or right. You will find that Leek is the perfec
Kershaw Iridium Reverse Tanto
A practical and stylish design for everyday carry. This blade shape makes cutting work easy, from the initial pierce to the effortless slice.
Kershaw TX Tool
This is the right tool for adjusting your Kershaw's. Switch a pocket clip, tighten a screw, or adjust the pivot tension with the TX-Tool
Kershaw Wharf
Pocket cleavers are hard to beat for versatility, and the Wharf demonstrates why. The blade has a wide cutting area and gradual edge, perfect for most work tasks. And it even includes a finger choil and extended jimping on the blade spine.
Kershaw Funxion EMT
The Funxion EMT offers tools that can make all the difference in an emergency situation—from a partially serrated blade to zip through seatbelt webbing to a carbide glassbreaker tip to help free victims of a vehicle accident.
Kershaw Frontrunner
The Frontrunner leads the pack in the Kershaw lineup with a stylish and sharp design. Inspired by the ZT 0999, the manual folding knife features an intricate handle. Several handle components join together, including stainless steel and machined G10 piece
Kershaw Deschutes Skinner
Kershaw makes processing wild game easier with the Deschutes Caper fixed blade. The full-flat grind D2 blade is ideal for slicing around the head and neck area of the animal. Its ergonomic handle is contoured for comfort during this precise detail work.
Kershaw Ion Throwing Knives 3 Piece
Kershaw 1747bwx ion, black white paracord. To throw knives, knives specially designed for throwing are required. That's why Kershaw made the Ion Throwing Knife Set. The three knives in the set are designed to have the correct weight and balance for target
Kershaw Link-Olive Aluminum
Kershaw takes the popular Link to a higher level with CPM 20CV blade steel and a new machined and anodized aluminum handle. And yes, this Link is still an amazing value and is proudly made in the USA. This premium blade steel offers superior hardness, cor
Kershaw Helitack
The toughest cutting chores are no match for the Helitack. This work-ready Kershaw opens every time with assisted opening and a flipper. Use the Helitack confidently with the help of a secure frame lock and overtravel stop.
Kershaw Layup
For a safe and easy-to-use folder, choose the innovative Kershaw Layup. The Layup combines assisted opening and KVT ball bearings for simple and reliable deployment.
Kershaw Antic
Attach the Antic’s oversized ring to a keychain or use it for a lanyard. The large ring also provides enhanced ergonomics. Slide a pinkie through the ring for a karambit-style grip.
Kershaw Atmos
Designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, the Atmos’ blade is a slim, modified drop point. The handle is G10 with a secure inset liner lock. The handle also features a layer of carbon fiber. To ensure your experience with the Atmos is easy,
Kershaw Clash , Blk/Blk , Serrated
The Clash goes dark side in the black Clash. In addition to a drop-point blade with just the right amount of belly recurve for excellent slicing ability, the black Clash also has partial serration
Kershaw Thermal
The Thermal heats up cutting action with a practical and sleek design. It features a high-contrast blade with satin grinds and black-oxide flats. While it looks flashy, the Thermal is highly capable with a sharp edge and comfortable profile.
Kershaw Align
The Align is stylish, sharp, and EDC friendly. A standout clip point blade fires open with assisted opening. Not only is this a work-ready blade, but it features a beautiful satin finish
Kershaw Scallion Camo
On the anodized aluminum handle of this knife is a camouflage pattern. The blade is assisted opening when you push the ambidextrous thumbstuds and is made of 420HC stainless steel.
Kershaw Hatch
Cleaver action goes to the Next Level with the Hatch. The blade has a low tip for efficient cutting and uses a razor-sharp slicer grind. Combine that with long-lasting D2 blade steel, and this cleaver is highly versatile for most tasks.
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