BioLite Solar Home 620 - No MP3
SolarHome 620+ brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to transform any structure into an off-grid home. The easy-to-install solar panel captures daily sun to charge up a central control box
BioLite Charge 80 PD
Designed to power the next generation of high-performance personal electronics, Charge 80 PD features USB-C Power Delivery for faster, more flexible charging. Charge compatible laptops, tablets, phones, and more. Compact design.
BioLite Solar Power Extension Cable , 15 Ft.
Looking to bridge some distance between your Solar Panel's sunny spot and where your BioLite Base charge power station is located? This extension cable will help you keep your power flowing.
BioLite SolarHome 620+
The SolarHome 620+ brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to transform any structure into an off-grid home.
BioLite Charge 40 PD
Designed to power the next generation of high-performance personal electronics, Charge 40 PD features USB-C Power Delivery for faster, more flexible charging. Power phones, tablets, and other every day gear.
BioLite Solar Panel 100
 A foldable 100 Watt solar panel designed to both charge devices directly as well as pair with the BioLite BaseCharge 600 & 1500 (sold separately) for a full solar generator solution. Featuring BioLite's patented Optimal Sun System
BioLite Charge 20 PD
In a front-country campground or way out in the wild, life takes power. Now equipped with USB-C PD ports, BioLite’s Charge line can top up your compatible devices faster than ever.
BioLite Alpenglow 250 Lantern
The AlpenGlow 250 rechargeable lantern delivers ambient and task-based lighting, all inspired by nature. Featuring high-efficiency ChromaReal LED technology, accurately render the colors in your environment with the glow of warm natural light.
BioLite Alpenglow 500 Lantern
From energizing white, to a relaxing warm glow, the Alpenglow 500’s multicolour LEDs have the right light for the moment. When its time for a change, simply give the lantern a shake to cycle through the colours. You can also use the USB port
BioLite Firepit Poker
Designed for use with BioLite FirePit. The poker's broad flat edge helps stoke fuel and ensure logs are properly stacked for ideal airflow while the curved point hooks onto the FirePit's fuel rack for easy adjustment to the charcoal or wood setting.
BioLite Solar MC4 To HPP Adapter Cable
Looking to pair a BioLite Base Charge power station with a non-BioLite solar panel? If your panel features an MC4 connector, this adapter is for you. This cord adapts your panel to HPP compatibility, making it ready to work with Base Charge.
BioLite 4 X1 Solar Chaining Cable
Looking to concentrate your power generation from the sun? This adapter cable to enables up to 4 BioLite Solar Panel 100s to connect to a single Base Charge 1500 power station creating up to 400W of input for faster recharge times.
BioLite 12V Car Charger Cable , 10 Ft.
This adapter cable enables BioLite BaseCharge power stations to recharge from your 12V car port, commonly where lighters used to be located. Ideal for charging on-the-go and when you need an alternative or backup to solar.
BioLite Base Charge 600
Access home-grade power in off-grid environments that can be recharged from the wall, car, or through solar. The Easy Read Smart LCD Dashboard provides real-time feedback on your system.
BioLite FirePit Carry Bag
Designed for use with BioLite FirePit. Make transport and storage a breeze with this carry bag custom designed to fit the FirePit and all of its accessories.
BioLite FirePit Griddle
This durable cast iron griddle spreads and maintains heat and is designed to fit perfectly on top of your BioLite FirePit. Extra large cooking area makes group meals easy and non stick surface is ready for eggs, bacon, pancakes, and more.
BioLite FirePit Grill Lid
Upgrade your FirePit's mealtime capabilities with the BioLite Grill Lid. Designed to concentrate heat for faster, more even cook times, the durable construction can accommodate both charcoal and firewood-fueled cooking.
BioLite SiteLight String
Bring the stars a little closer with this constellation of lights, designed for easy, instant setup. Containing four lights per string, the SiteLight String can light pathways, campsites, and tents with 150 lumens of ambient light.
BioLite CampStove KettlePot & Coffee Set
Cook meals, boil water, and make coffee with this quick cooking system. Designed for use with the BioLite CampStove, the KettlePot cooks like a pot and pours like a kettle while the included CoffeePress delivers french-press style brewing.
BioLite CampStove Portable Grill
Tabletop Grill For CampStove 2

Cook your favorite meals over wood with one of the lightest tabletop grills on the market. Transform your BioLite CampStove 2 into a wood-fired grilling surface with this seamless and fun attachment.
BioLite CampStove 2+
Turn fire into electricity with BioLite's award-winning stove. Patented combustion technology creates a vortex of smokeless flames for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear, all at the same time.
BioLite Campstove Biofuel Pellets - 1KG
Go for the long burn with this premium blend of all natural, food-safe hardwood pellets. The single bag provides two hours cooking time with minimal refueling. For use with the Biolite Campstove.
BioLite SunLight 100 - Teal
Leave the AAAs behind and enjoy unlimited light from the power of the sun. The SunLight's integrated solar panel creates self-reliant recharging and maximizes efficiency through an integrated sundial and kickstand for optimal setup.
BioLite SolarPanel 5+
Get the most from the sun with the lightweight & portable BioLite SolarPanel 5+. Featuring BioLite's Optimal Sun System, an integrated sundial aligns you to the sun to capture direct rays while a 360 degree kickstand simplifies positioning .
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