M4/AR Style@

G&G Armament CM16 Raider-L
The G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider L shoots around 380-400fps. The G&G Combat Machine Raider series of AEG is a great beginner to intermediate choice for anyone who’s looking to start playing airsoft.
G&G Armament CM16 Raider Black
This short barrel M4 rifle is sleek and agile, perfect for flying around tight corners. Along with its telescopic crane stock, there's no battlefield too small for this compact AEG to fit in
G&G Armament C7A1 OD
The G&G GC7A1 Main Battle Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun is a great option for a long range battle rifle load out. It is part of G&G's Top Tech line, meaning it features a full metal body and upgraded internals.
G&G Armament G&G CM16 Raider 2.0
The CM16 Raider 2.0 is a mid-length carbine AEG from G&G's combat machine line. It features a lightweight and durable polymer frame with an M-LOK handguard and full length optics rail. This rifle is internally equipped with a full metal V2 gearbox .
G&G Armament SR15 E3 W/ MLOK KAC
Machined aluminum alloy fully licensed SR15 receiver assembly and URX 4 M-LOK handguard. Knight's Armament ambidextrous selector switches, magazine release, front and rear sights. Full length top rail provides vast amounts of real estate to mount optics
G&G Armament SGR556 (G3 System)
The G&G SGR556 is a high-performance airsoft rifle designed for players who demand power, accuracy, and versatility on the battlefield. This rifle is based on a popular platform, with a durable and reliable construction that can withstand intense gameplay
Raven Evolution RIS
We have designed the Raven NEO to be affordable without compromising performance. The NEO series is equipped with high-quality nylon filled polymer body and rail system, Xcortech MOSFET, full metal gearbox with quick spring change.
G&G Armament Cobalt BAMF Stealth CM
The original BAMF licensed rifle to come out of G&G was a smash success. So much so that they have decided to expand their line of offerings into 2023. Lavish in the beauty of the Cobalt Kinetics Licensed AEG built with the high quality
G&G Armament CM16 SRXL Key Mod
The CM16 SRXL offers an entirely redesigned polymer receiver, borrowing from the ever popular billet style that has been seen in the firearms world. Other improvements include and ambidextrous magazine release, ambidextrous mock charging handle
G&G Armament CM16 SRS
The CM16 SRS is small in size and big on firepower. This CQB rifle is the shortest model from G&G’s SR series. The lightweight AEG has an incredibly durable nylon-reinforced polymer construction with a full metal rail system
Raven Evolution Slayer Red
Each rifle is equipped with our LEVIN metal gearbox that is precisely made and equipped with high-quality internals to ensure durability.
G&G Armament ARP556 2.0
G&G SR polymer receiver and a 7 inch Metal M-LOK Rail. Flat faced competition style trigger, textured selector switch and mock bolt catch provide the ARP9 with aggressive details. Comes with detachable hand stop.
G&G Armament CM16 SRXL MLOK
The CM16 SRXL offers an entirely redesigned polymer receiver, borrowing from the ever popular billet style that has been seen more and more in the firearms world. Other improvements include and ambidextrous magazine release.
G&G Armament CM16 SRS MLOK
Reinforced polymer billet style receiver with a 7" metal M-Lok handguard. Front and rear adjustable flip up sights. Rear sling plate adapter for use with one-point slings. Semi/Full-Auto, Safety (programmable to 3 round burst)
Raven Evolution Raven Hive
The Raven is built with high standards and specified to meet the demands of advanced players. The rifles consist of durable full metal body and high performance parts.
G&G Armament Far 556
Ultra lightweight polymer receivers with a rapid folding design that lets you fold both the stock and front end for an ultra-compact package to transport, store, or even carry onto the field!.
G&G Armament CM16 SRF 16"
The CM16 SRF 16 M-LOK AEG Airsoft Rifle combines all the aspects of the original CM16 that the airsoft community loves with some more high quality modern features we can come to expect. The body of the airsoft gun is made of lightweight polymer
G&G Armament G26 Black Rose Edition
This unique M4 style AEG features pneumatic blowback action, high quality internals, and a unique, ultra-cool design. The black rose adds a some flare to the standard G26 with it's glossy pink buffer tube, outer barrel, d-ring and other metal parts.
Amoeba Mutant AMM9 , Black
The Amoeba MUTANT is the latest iteration of the legendary AMOEBA M4 style AEGs that has been a top choice of starters and modders alike!  This new model breaks from the traditional M4 format and comes feature packed while not compromising on performance
G&G Armament TGM R5 ETU
G&G’s TGM R5 is essentially based on a H&K Mp5, a modern variation of one of the most legendary sub-machine gun used to this day. The R5 comes with an MLOK handguard, modern styling, and a compact folding stock with easy battery install.
G&G Armament CM16 SRF 9"
The CM16 SRF has an installed, pre-programmed integrated MOSFET chip that's able to stop batteries such as a Li-Po from over-discharging and becoming damaged.
G&G Armament CM16 SRXL Red Edition
The G&G Combat Machine CM16 SR-XL AEG Airsoft Gun is a great addition for your arsenal. The airsoft gun features a 12 inch full metal keymod rail system that is known for its light weight compared to most rail systems.
Raven Evolution CAOS
The COAS rail system's chaotic design pattern creates an unconventional look that is unique and lightweight. In addition to the top and bottom 20mm rails that run the entire length of the forend,
Raven Evolution Type Zero SRS Carbine , Black
The Raven Elite is a top tier airsoft rifle that has exceptional performance and quality.  Each rifle is equipped with the ETCS (Electronic Trigger Control System) mosfet chip which allows the user to program burst fire modes, binary trigger
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