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G&G Armament CM16 SRF 9"

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The CM16 SRF has an installed, pre-programmed integrated MOSFET chip that's able to stop batteries such as a Li-Po from over-discharging and becoming damaged. That translates into further savings, because you won't be plunking down extra cash for replacement batteries. The MOSFET is also programmable to shoot from full auto to three-round burst. In addition, the rifle also features a magazine cut-off so it will not fire unless a magazine is inserted into the magwell.

Additionally, G&G has installed an electronic trigger unit that increases response and assists in preventing trigger burns or locks in rapid semi-auto firing. That delivers dependable shooting for the gun even in the fiercest firefights as well as comfort for the shooter. Take a long look at the G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRF 9 M-LOK M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft from Airsoft GI, and you will find you need look no further for a high-quality airsoft gun that fits your needs.

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