G&G Armament

G&G Armament GTP9
G&G Armament's new tactical airsoft pistol, this pistol is a custom design with modern features on the inside and the outside.
G&G Armament PCC9
G&G Armament's new and limited edition 9 mm stick mag gun. This CQB style weapon has everything one needs for comfort and function. Get one quick because there are only 3000 in the world and our warehouse can't hold nearly that much.
G&G Armament CM16 R8 DST
G&G Armaments CM16 R8 in DST tan.
G&G Armament RK47 Imitation Wood
G&G Armaments RK74 imitation wood AEG.
G&G Armament CM16 Raider-L
G&G Armament's top quality M4 style gun great for beginners and intermediates. This gun does not have your top of the line fancy "do-dads" but it is by far the most consistent and reliable entry level gun.
G&G Armament Death Machine MKII
G&G Armament's new model of CQB AEG. Based on the popular ARP 556, of which it shares a lot in common.
G&G Armament ARP9
G&G Armament's take on the personal 9 mm sub machine gun. This lightweight and compact gun is perfect for CQB style game play.
G&G Armament LMG
G&G Armament's take on a lightweight LMG for all types of engagements. Comes equipped with a 2300 round auto feed box mag and realistic bullet chain.
G&G Armament GPM92
G&G Armament's green gas variant on the classic Beretta M9. Comes equipped with a full metal slide and lower receiver, white dot sights and a standard sized rail for any laser or flashlight attachments. Colour variants include black, tan and green.
G&G Armament CM18 MOD1 Combat Machine Gun - Tan
G&G Armaments CM18 MOD1 DST airsoft gun.
G&G Armament CM16 Carbine Light DST
G&G Armaments CM16 carbine light in DST tan.
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