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Cluck & Squeal Savory Spicy Himalyan Seasoning

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Season Cluck & Squeal Savory Spicy liberally on roasted Chicken wings, pan-seared, and braised pork chops or steaks. Savory Spicy can be dusted on Halibut then baked then broiled. Please include it in your own recipes for soups, stews, sauces, chili, stir-fries, rice, vegetables, tacos, and much more.

The “Savory” notes in this Savory Spicy blend have been used by many cultures to richen their dishes for over a century. The “Spicy” level will fill your palette with a flavourful warmth and entice the “non-spicy” consumers to be curious. Himalayan salt, known to consist of 84 minerals that supports numerous health benefits along with its delicate taste, pairs perfectly with our savory spices and chilies. 

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