Cluck & Squeal

Cluck & Squeal All Purpose Himalyan Seasoned Salt
Firecook Marc Cardinali’s balanced award-winning flavour blend of spices, paired with Himalayan salt that is known to offer 84 minerals supporting numerous health benefits has now been designed to enhance all your favourite savory dishes.
Cluck & Squeal Savory Spicy Himalyan Seasoning
Season Cluck & Squeal Savory Spicy liberally on roasted Chicken wings, pan-seared, and braised pork chops or steaks. Savory Spicy can be dusted on Halibut then baked then broiled. Please include it in your own recipes for soups, stews, sauces, chili.
Cluck & Squeal Pigman One-4-All Seasoning
While on a hunting excursion, north met south and game met spice – this was the beginning of a unique partnership that has created one of the most versatile seasonings available stateside for all hunters, anglers, home chefs and everyone to enjoy.