Ruike P843-B
Being flat ground, recurved to offer a long edge belly and tapered to form a fine tip, the blade of P843 is ideal for slicing and cutting.
Ruike F118
Overall length: 223 mm / 8.78″
Blade length: 110 mm / 4.33″
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm /0.18″
Weight: 190.5g / 6.72 oz (excluding sheath)
Blade material: 14C28N
Handle material: G10
Sheath material: ABS plastic (included in the package)

A large and
Ruike S22
Compact Multi-Function Pocket/Key-ring Knife
Ruike F815-Black
The short and bold blade produces unmatched leverage while the hollowed handle significantly reduces the overall weight.
Ruike P155
Black, Desert Sand Locking mechanism: Liner lock w/ ThumbUp safety lock
Ruike P121
The long drop point blade makes the Hussar an exceptionally distinctive pocket knife.
Ruike M108-TZ
Ruike M108-TZ Titanium Folding Knife
Ruike P881-B1
Overall length: 202 mm / 7.95″ Weight: 134 g / 4.73 oz Blade length: 75.5 mm / 2.97″ Blade thickness: 3.5 mm / 0.14″ Blade material: 14C28N stainless steel (58~60 HRC) Finish: Partially blackened & brush Handle Material: G10 w/420 stainless steel liner Op
Ruike M875-TZ
The Ruike M875-TZ features an aesthetically pleasing titanium handle with black accents and N690Co blade steel on ball bearing washers.
Ruike D191- B
The Ruike D191 features 8Cr13MoV blade steel with skid proof G10 front scale and stainless steel back.
Ruike P865-B
Blade material: 14C28N stainless steel (58~60HRC) Handle scale: G10 Handle liner: 420 stainless steel Lock: Liner Lock
Ruike P851-B
P851 shows great ability both in piercing and slicing. For added dependability in outdoor or tactical uses, the P851 is secured with Thumb Up safety lock.
Ruike P127 CB
The P127 is designed to offer better puncturing and cutting ability with its finely flat ground tanto blade.
Ruike P875-SZ
Overall length: 208 mm / 8.19″
Blade length: 89 mm / 3.50″
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm / 0.14″
Weight: 140 g / 4.94 oz
Blade material: 14C28N stainless steel (58~60 HRC)
Finish: Bead blast
Handle material: 420 stainless steel
Lock: Frame lock w/ “Beta
Ruike P671-CB
Overall length: 164 mm / 6.46″
Blade length: 70 mm / 2.76″
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm / 0.14″
Weight: 104 g / 3.67 oz
Blade material: 14C28N stainless steel (58~60HRC)
Handle scale: G10 w/ carbon fiber overlay
Opening: Front flipper
Ruike P662-B
P662 is compacted yet solid EDC knife, with good ballance of portability and functionality. Its high flat ground blade can well deal with most of cutting or whittling chores. A standoff in the rear end of the handle offers compatibility with lanyards maki
Ruike P138-W
P138-B/P138-W is a practical cutting tool owing to its robust tanto blade. Made of 14C28N stainless steel in fine polish, and shaped to an optimal tanto style, the blade features razor sharpness and fairly strong tip. The built-in roller bearing pivot sec
Ruike M61
Ruike M61 folding knife multi-tool.
Ruike P852-B
With sufficient blade thickness and properly recurved long edge with a bulked out belly, the P852B shows great ability both in piercing and slicing.
Ruike P848-B
For EDC tool fans seeking safe-to-carry knives, P848B is worth recommending. Without any projecting parts like a flipper or thumb stud on the blade.
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