Dynamic Safety

Dynamic Safety Paramedic Scissor 7" , Black Handle
Used to cut bandages, gauze, clothing, etc. in an emergency first aid situation
Dynamic Safety Eye Cup for Eye Wash Bottle
This eye cup can be used with any of the 500 ml or 1L eye wash solution bottles. For easy application when using eye wash solution to clean hazardous debris or chemicals out of the eyes and eye area.
Dynamic Safety Disposable Rescue Breather, Single Use Face Shield, Class 2
C.P.R. shield with one way valve in Ziplock bag . Single-use physical protection barrier to prevent the victim's breath and bodily fluids from reaching the rescuer.
Dynamic Safety Antimicrobial Hand Wipes, Towelette, Antiseptic
Type: Towelette
Purpose: Antiseptic
Medical Device Class: Non-Medical
Dynamic Safety Triangular Bandage 40" x 40" X 56"
Ideal to treat a wound, sprain, or broken bone
Can be used as a splint, dressing cover, or tie for splints
Dynamic Safety Ammonia Inhalant Sachets- 10/PKG
Dynamic's Ammonia inhalant sachets 10 pack. Ammonia cloth pads that are small and compact.