Ceska Zbrojovka

Ceska Zbrojovka 457 Camo Stainless 22LR, 20"
A trail model created for those who appreciate the use of premium materials. Along with the strengths of the 457 series, this 22 LR caliber rifle features an attractive digital camouflage on its soft-touch finished polymer stock
Ceska Zbrojovka 457 Canadian 22 WMR , 20" , 1/2 X 20
A limited edition rimfire rifle manufactured with the Canadian market in mind. The walnut stock is made from high quality walnut and painted red.  The checkering on the grip surfaces incorporates a Canadian Maple leaf motif.
Ceska Zbrojovka 457 Synthetic .22LR, 5 RND, 16" BBL
Built for the harshest of weather conditions, the 457 Synthetic combines an extremely durable nitride finish with a hardy black polymer stock. Like all 457s, the Synthetic utilizes our easily-swappable barrel system
Ceska Zbrojovka Magazine 455/452/512/457 10Rnd, .22LR
Original CZ magazine for CZ 512 models, CZ 512 models and CZ 455 models. Fits also older CZ rimfires.
Capacities of the magazines are 5 rounds and 10 rounds.
Ceska Zbrojovka 457 Varmint Cal. 22LR, 20" 1/2x20
The standard heavy-barreled version of the 457, the Varmint has a .866” cylindrical barrel. The heavy barrel makes for good harmonics, it also allows the Varmint to perform well with a wide variety of rimfire loads
Ceska Zbrojovka 457 Thumbhole 22LR, 20"
Perfect ergonomics, original elegance. This model owes such a flattering characteristic to a completely new thumbhole stock made of high-strength, gray-brown laminated wood, one of the non-traditional elements of which is an integrated bow.
Ceska Zbrojovka 457 Canadian Cal. 17 HMR, 20" 1/2x20
The gorgeous Canadian Edition of the CZ 457 has a threaded barrel and a red Turkish walnut stock. Featuring a checkered pattern on the grip and forend with an elegantly designed Maple Leaf in the grip.
Ceska Zbrojovka 457 Canadian Cal. 22LR, 20" 1/2x20
This elegant rimfire rifle with Maple leaf design is equipped with a long barrel 20″ long with a walnut stock and an elegant grille. CZ 457 is the perfect choice for fans of the traditional rifle.
Ceska Zbrojovka Magazine 75B, 85, SP-01 10 RND.
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