Oils, Solvents and Lubricants

Wipe Out Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - Patch-Out Liquid Bore Cleaner 8oz
Patch Out is a new liquid version of the famous Wipe Out bore cleaner. Place the Patch Out on a cleaning patch or nylon brush and roun it though the bore a few times. It foams on it's own. Works great on carbon, copper, and moly.
Wipe Out Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - No Lead, 8oz Bottle
NO-LEAD which will safely clean firearms, without brushing, of lead deposits and lead scale wherever it is deposited on the firearm.
Wipe Out Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - Brushless Bore Cleaner, 6oz
Wipe Out bore cleaner is a truly unique product. Just spray some Wipe Out into your bore and let it do the work. After some time, go back and patch it out.
Wipe Out Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - Accelerator Solutions, 8oz
Sharp Shoot R Precision announces new sister product WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR. This product is to be used with the improved version of the “original” Wipe-Out, Patch-Out & Tactical Advantage. Accelerator is NOT meant to be used by itself or with ANY other cle
G96 Liquid Gun Grease 2oz
Superior performance in all climates under all weather conditions on all types of firearms.
Reduces friction and wear and extends the life of all firearms.
Reduces carbon residue, galvanic corrosion and build-up of metallic and powder residues.
Safe fo
G96 Gun Blue Creme
Highly recommended by gun enthusiasts and gunsmiths over any other brand. Mirror like finish is guaranteed to blend perfectly into the original blueing and leaves no streaks or spots. Won’t rub off or discolor.
Wipe Out Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - Royal Case & Die Lube 8oz Pump
Royal Case & Die Lube will protect metal parts (both dies and cases) against corrosion and rust.
Wipe Out Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - Brass Monkey Case Cleaner 8oz
This new product is an answer to easy cleaning of brass cases. This exciting new product is faster and easier to use, and leaves no messy residue.
Pro-Shot 10cc Syringe Choke Tube Lube
Excellent for use on shotgun choke tube threads, black powder breech plugs, and suppressor threads!
Easy to use applicator syringe, takes the mess out of application. Superior anti-seize lubricating compound prevents stuck choke tubes and breech plugs
Pro-Shot 1 Step CLP 8 fl. oz. Bottle
Excellent for Copper, Lead, Plastic & Primer fouling. Repeated use protects the bore and lessens fouling / residue buildup. Makes gun bores & actions easier to clean.
 CLEANS - Eliminates stiff actions, jamming, and loosens rusted parts.
G96 RFG Grease in Syringe 13cc
G96 Rapid Fire Gun Grease is a revolutionary military grade formula designed to meet the most demanding needs for small and large caliber weapons. This synthetic formula utilizes nanotechnology so that once your firearm is gently wiped down, the thin film
Wipe Out Sharp Shoot R Precision Products - Flush Out Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser
The recommended use for NATURAL CITRUS FLUSH-OUT ™ is as a cleaner and as a de-greaser for firearms or any items that need to be cleaned and de-greased. NATURAL CITRUS FLUSH-OUT ™ dissolves grease, oils, and carbon deposits.
Pro-Shot Pro Gold Lube 10cc Syringe
World Famous Pro-Gold Grease, used and sought after worldwide by accuracy minded shooters!  
Easy to use and apply Syringe of Pro-Gold. 
A special superior formula grease engineered for firearm lubrication and protection. Superior performance on stainle
Pro-Shot D-14 Fouling Blaster-Degreaser
Fouling Blaster quickly evaporates & blasts away fouling! Solves most malfunction problems. Pro-Shot's Fouling Blaster makes cleaning modern firearms easier and faster. Cleans fast and will not harm plastic, wood, laminates, composites, rubber grips, or a
Pro-Shot Copper Solvent 8 oz.
Pro-Shot’s Copper Solvent IV is a Superior Next Generation Formula that is made specifically for Copper and Powder fouling. It cleans while providing superior rust protection.  This superior formula is used by competitive shooters, federal law enforcement
Pro-Shot Bio 4x LP Gun Oil in 1 oz. Needle Oiler
Excellent LP, Lubricant & Preservative for firearm metal treatment
Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Odor-Free Lubricant
Excellent and Safe for Air gun Cleaning & Lubrication
4X (FOUR TIMES) as lubricious as petroleum based lubricants
Deters water
Made from
Pro-Shot Zero Friction Spray 6 oz.
Zero Friction is an Ultra High Tech Advanced Synthetic Lubricant. It is a non-gumming metal treatment and protectant that clings to metal parts and provides superior lubrication for smooth and flawless operation of all moving parts.
Extreme Weather/Tempe
Pro-Shot Zero Friction 1 oz. Needle Oiler
For pinpoint lubrication, Pro-Shot's Zero Friction Needle oiler lets you use one drop exactly where you need it, without all the mess.  Great for those otherwise unreachable areas with traditional application methods. 
Zero Friction is an Ultra High Tech
Pro-Shot 1 Step CLP 1 oz. Needle Oiler
Pro-Shot's Famous 1 Step CLP Needle oiler is included with all of our classic box kits for a reason, it's a superior CLP that makes cleaning faster & easier! Excellent for Copper, Lead, Plastic, & Primer fouling. Repeated use protects the bore and lessens
Thompson Center T-17 Black Powder Bore Solvent
This solvent is specially formulated to effectively clean and neutralize the harmful fouling left in the bore from Triple Seven® and other black powder substitutes. T17® also helps to remove plastic, copper and lead deposits that could affect the accuracy
G96 Liquid Gun Blue 2oz
For those who prefer a liquid touch-up blueing. Blues instantly to produce a rich blueing that will not rub off or discolor.
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