Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar Graphite

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Article number: 333-198

Let your watch soak up some rays with you, and you can almost forget about charging. Outfitted with Garmin’s Power Glass solar charging technology, this Instinct Crossover has the potential to run forever. Underneath its analogue hands, the Instinct Crossover has all the power that the Instinct line is known for. Outfitted with a multi-GNSS GPS and dozens of activity profiles, this watch will help you get the most out of your time in the gym, on the trails, and just about everywhere else. The updated GPS connects to more satellites, so you get a faster, more accurate signal in challenging conditions. GPS data is used both in navigation and in sport modes, getting you where you need to go and providing real-time speed and distance data along the way. Equipped with the latest Elevate optical heart rate monitor you get pulse information straight off your wrist. When paired with the free Garmin Connect™ app on your phone, you can review activities, set up live tracking sessions, track real-time weather forecasts, receive notifications, control apps and much more

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