SpyPoint Steel Security Box For Flex SpyPoint Cameras
The SB-500 FLEX security box provides protection for the SPYPOINT FLEX. Constructed of 16-guage steel, it provides protection from threats of the two and four-legged variety. The durable construction keeps the camera housing safe from theft or damage.
SpyPoint Flex-G36 Digital Still Camera
The already highly acclaimed performance of the FLEX, and pushes the boundaries even further, with improved battery life, further enhanced connectivity as well as the addition of a new supported carrier, and increased photo resolution.
SpyPoint Flex-S
The SPYPOINT FLEX-S delivers the same performance and flexibility of the original FLEX, with the added benefit of an integrated solar panel charging an internal lithium battery to keep your camera working longer than you ever imagined.
SpyPoint Micro - SD Card , 32GB
Preparing your next hunting adventure? Bring along the Spypoint 32 GB MicroSD memory card. It's easy to use and is reliable in all conditions. For use with action camera, digital camera, trail camera, tablet, smartphone, computer, MP3 player and much more
SpyPoint Adjustable Mounting Arm
Give your camera the perfect angle for taking your photos!
The SPYPOINT adjustable mounting arm allows you rotate 360° and tilt almost 90°; so you get the perfect solution to optimize your camera placement in every situation.
SpyPoint Cable Lock , 6 Ft
Whether on public ground or just a spot prone to trespassers, security is a major concern. Lock your camera in place with our SPYPOINT cable lock. The six-foot cable will fit most any tree and fits all SPYPOINT cameras. Two keys included.
SpyPoint Lithium Battery Solar Panel - 10W
The 10 watt SPLB-22 lithium battery solar panel delivers an ongoing power supply for trail cameras in those spots you just want to stay out of until the time is right. Combining the longevity and reliability of a lithium battery.
SpyPoint Link- Micro-S Trail Camera
The LINK-MICRO-S-LTE from SPYPOINT gives you the incredible battery life of our integrated solar panel technology and free LIT-10 rechargeable lithium battery pack, with the value you would expect from our LINK-MICRO family.
SpyPoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera
Not only highly customizable but may be the easiest to use cellular trail camera ever. The true Dual-Sim configuration means the FLEX automatically connects to the best cellular network available.