Smith Game Calls

Smith Game Calls High Grade Predator- Fur Frenzy Yote Howler
The yote predator call is a external reed predator call that mimics Coyote barks, yips, howls, mating call and wounded prey. The extra wide reed makes it easy to manipulate sounds while allowing for increased volume and sound travel.
Smith Game Calls Open Reed - Predator- Alpha
Our Professional Series s built with comfort and quality in mind.

It features a high grade acrylic barrel designed to be a tone accurate in all weather conditions.
Smith Game Calls Diaphragm Predator Double Reed
Diaphragm Style Call with Palate Bridge and Armor Tape. Regular Fit.
Armor tape is more durable and waterproof compared to traditional reed tape.
Smith Game Calls High Grade Series Predator- Fur Frenzy Easy Boy
A hands free , easy to use predator call. Make rabbit in distress sounds while still being able to shoot your gun at the same time. Lanyard Included.
Smith Game Calls Diaphragm Elk - Lucky 7
An all around elk call that does it all. This call produces mid range bull sounds and easily controlled cow sounds. Great for all level callers.
Smith Game Calls Diaphragm Elk - Challenger
“CHALLENGER” an intermediate level call that produces a higher pitch bugles. Great for challenge bugles and location bugles.
Smith Game Calls Diaphragm Elk- Locator
“LOCATOR” a beginner-intermediate elk call. Produces an easily controlled high pitch bugle. This call is great for location and challenge bugles.