Safe Cross

Safe Cross Rescue Foil Blanket
Multipurpose, emergency first aid blanket made of aluminized, non-stretch polyester
Reflects body heat back to the user
Stays flexible in freezing temperatures
Lightweight and compact
Windproof and waterproof
Safe Cross Hydrogen Peroxide
Topical antiseptic for cuts, scratches and sores; also used for oral hygiene; 100 ml
Safe Cross Trauma/Crisis First Aid Kit - Nylon Bag
Features a comprehensive assortment of first aid and emergency rescue supplies for quick response to minor and major medical emergencies.
Safe Cross Eye Wash Solution , 500ml
Eyewash solution to treat eye injuries and relieves irritations caused by foreign materials and dust. The eye wash solution also helps the  pH level to back to normal in case of exposure to acid or alkaline .
Safe Cross CPR Pocket Face Mask , Reusable
Reusable medical grade thermo-plastic physical protection barrier to prevent the victim's breath and bodily fluids from reaching the rescuer. Features a soft inflated cuff for a leak-proof seal .