Panther Martin

Panther Martin Treble Hook Pro Pack Assorted 3 PK. 1/8 OZ
Pro Pack 3 is a perfect choice for Bass catchers! These lures have proven to have superior fish catchability and they are extremely popular for many years.
Panther Martin Treble Hook Hammered 3 Pack, 1/8 Oz
Panther Martin Hammered Lure Kits 3-pack have a unique blade pattern and genuine silver and gold plating which produces the most flash and reflection of any Panther Martin spinner ever!
Panther Martin Treble Hook Holographic 3 Pack , 1/8 Oz
The natural holographic finishes glimmer and shine as they move through the water, especially in natural sunlight. They are highly effective and attract many species of fish including, trout, bass, and pickerel.