Ochsenkopf Ox Head Double Bit Throwing Ax 3lb with 28" Hickory Handle
6" width double blade tip to blade tip, 10 3/4" blade centre
to blade centre.
Tempered to maximum hardness without becoming too hard.
Satin brushed finish.
Ochsenkopf Ox Head H 2708 Champions Axe - 6-1/2 lb w/ 32" Hickory Handle
Specially developed for competition use.
Hand-forged of special steel.
Blade ground to a competition cutting edge.*
High-grade hickory handle and leather blade protector.
With special grinding for training
Made of special steel
Triple safety wedge
Ochsenkopf Ox-Head 32" Hickory Handle Splitting Axe - 5LB
The Iltis Oxhead splitting axe is built specifically for heavy splitting. The wedge-shaped head has sturdy cheeks, is nearly 2" thick at the eye, and the head weighs about 5 lb. Ash handle is 32” long and overall weight is 7.3lbs.
Ochsenkopf Ox Head Wide Blade Axe - 1.75 lb 24" Hickory Handle
The blade, which is scientifically designed, extraordinarily thin and almost
parallel, reduces the weight but
doubles the performance. Special analysis axe steel, hardened from blade edge
to the axe eye by newly developed treatment, guarantees longest