Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield Family Formula
The Family formula is ideal for families that enjoy camping and other recreational activities. The family formula is non-greasy and non-staining that can also ensure that children are protected against bites from various insects.
Mosquito Shield Mosquito Coils
Use the Mosquito Shield mosquito coils to create an invisible shield to protect you from mosquitoes while enjoying the scent of citronella.
Mosquito Shield Mosquito Coil Holder (Only)
Coil Holder/Hanger to safely and conveniently burn mosquito coils or coil pieces. With Hanger, suitable for hanging on porch, tree or post.
Mosquito Shield 8hr Combat Formula Pocket Size
The Combat Formula is for the extreme outdoors man looking for maximum protection and durability. Which makes it an essential addition for extreme adventurers and outward bounders.
– Active Ingredient: DEET 30%, the maximum allowable by Health Canada.
Mosquito Shield Piactive Original Deet free
– Piactive Insect Repellent is Canada’s first and longest lasting 12-HOUR insect repellent, a revolutionary game changer in repellents for mosquitoes, ticks and black flies.
– A nice alternative to DEET-based repellents, the formula contains 20% Icaridin