Morakniv Mora Companion w/Sheath
Companion is the perfect knife for an adventure! A real all-around knife.
Morakniv Hunting Sharpening Steel
This is an excellent maintenance tool to align the knife-edge back into a central position. The sharpening steel lets you extend the life cycle of the knife and gives you the best conditions to succeed with your tasks over time.
Morakniv Hunting Curved Boning Knife
This knife has been specially developed for boning. The flexible blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel gives excellent precision and a minimal meat spoilage.
Morakniv Companion Rescue SRT Safe Knife
Knife with a patterned high-friction grip and serrated blade that has been developed for cutting rope, nylon, and fiber. The blade of Swedish cold-rolled special stainless steel has a blunt safety tip. Plastic sheath with a belt clip.
Morakniv Kansbol Green W/ Multi Mount Sheath
Only your imagination can limit your possibilities with our Multi-Mount. The range of mounting options is endless, thanks to its hook and loop, straps, holes, and notches. And of course, it is MOLLE compatible.
Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife
A razor-sharp stainless steel 3.2mm blade is one of the most sturdy knives we have ever made. You can use the back of the blade with the fire starter. The spine of the blade is sharp, ground especially for that purpose.
Morakniv 175 Roofing Felt Knife
This is a reliable craft knife that can be used in many different situations. The ergonomic polymer handle features a sturdy finger guard and a 2.0 mm thick blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel, which provides strength in every pull cut.
Morakniv Kansbol W/ Survival Kit
The Kansbol has the flexibility of a lightweight knife and the strength of a more robust model. Attached to the sheath comes a Survival Kit that has an integrated fire starter and a diamond sharpener.
Morakniv Eldris Light Duty Knife - Dusty Blue
With its compact and lightweight design, dual textured grip, Scandi ground blade and rugged sheath, this knife is a great backcountry companion.
Morakniv Garberg Black Multi-Mount Carbon Steel Knife
Built for bushcraft, the Garberg Black carbon steel knife packs a punch with its 3.2mm thick blade and is Mora's first full tang blade. The multi-mount sheath is molle compatible allowing you to fasten the knife anywhere you need it.
Morakniv Straight Boning Knife
This specific knife is perfect as a boning knife. The strong, 2.4-mm thick blade made from recycled Swedish stainless steel has a distinct shape, ideal for separating meat from bones.
Morakniv Hunting Butcher Knife
This knife makes your trimming easy. The stiff blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel has a blunt tip to minimize the risk of puncturing or damaging the meat and tissues of the game. A perfect all-round knife for the butcher.
Morakniv Basic 511 Red Carbon Steel
Morakniv gave this knife a red polymer handle that feels comfortable in the hand. The finger guard has been developed to optimize safety. The blade has a perfect balance between length and width, which gives a better experience when using the knife.
Morakniv Basic 511 Orange Carbon Steel
The Morakniv Basic 511 is an all around utility knife. The handle is noticeably larger than the old 511, and will be more comfortable for those with larger hands. This knife has a carbon steel blade, orange handle, and black sheath.
Morakniv Basic 546 Orange/Black Knife
The Mora 546 is a great basic utility knife, with a stainless steel blade and a handle which is mostly symmetrical, so it will be comfortable if held with the blade edge facing up or down.
Morakniv Hunting Skinning Knife
This knife is ideal for skinning game. The stiff blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel with its long-curved edge can perform even and precise cuts.
Morakniv Kansbol Burnt Orange Knife W/ Multi Mount Sheath
Kansbol brings you the best of two worlds. It has the flexibility of a lightweight knife and the strength of a more robust model. The blade has been profile ground for increased precision and the spine grinding means the blade can be used with fire starte
Morakniv Garberg Knife
The blade of the Morakniv Garberg S is 3.2mm thick and made of high quality stainless steel, specially treated in our factory to make it even stronger
Morakniv Belly Opener With Easy Clean Sheath
Our Belly Opener is specially designed to be for working with your game. This knife has a blade made of Swedish stainless steel with an inside edge. The handle's made of polymer, designed to be both easy and comfortable to work with.
Morakniv Eldris Stainless Steel Knife
This is an outdoor knife that is ideal for your next adventure. The ergonomic barrel-shaped polymer handle features a soft friction grip, finger guard, and a 2.0 mm thick profile-ground blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel.
Morakniv Kansbol
The long tradition of Scandinavian outdoor recreation makes the Kansbol a reliable partner when the wilderness beckons. Whether you need to make wood splints for the fire or skin a moose, this flexible model will perform.
Morakniv Morakniv Basic 546 Stainless, Blue
Stainless steel is the best choice when working outdoors. What’s more, the blade has a perfect balance between length and breadth, giving you a better user experience.