Morakniv Kansbol
The long tradition of Scandinavian outdoor recreation makes the Kansbol a reliable partner when the wilderness beckons. Whether you need to make wood splints for the fire or skin a moose, this flexible model will perform.
Morakniv Basic 546 Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is the best choice when working outdoors. What’s more, the blade has a perfect balance between length and breadth, giving you a better user experience.
Morakniv Mora Companion w/Sheath
Companion is the perfect knife for an adventure! A real all-around knife.
Morakniv Original 4" Carbon Steel w/ wood handle
Morakniv's Original 4" carbon steel with wood handle grip and sheath
Morakniv Basic 511 Carbon
Morakniv's basic 511 carbon fixed blade knife.
Morakniv Eldris (S) Stainless Steel Knife
This Mora Eldris neck knife, like all other Eldris knives is a short, stout knife designed to be carried around the neck or in a pouch or pocket, and features a "burnt orange" handle and sheath - offering excellent visibility, even in low light.
Morakniv Eldris Light Duty Knife - Dusty Blue
With its compact and lightweight design, dual textured grip, Scandi ground blade and rugged sheath, this knife is a great backcountry companion.
Morakniv Mora Original 4.5"
Carbon steel blade with wood handle.
Morakniv ProS All Round Knife
Morakniv Pro S is the Basic 546 but with an optimized handle made of TPE rubber. This gives it an ergonomic and more comfortable grip and the rubber means the handle doesn’t conduct the cold.