Gear Keeper

Gear Keeper Super Badge Retractor
The RT5 Micro series Gear Keeper is a small/light package, strong 18 kg (40#) break-strength, long 91 cm (36") extension, with a 70 gram (2.5 oz) retraction force. Finally a long lasting badge retractor.
For use with ID badges.
Gear Keeper Low Tension Sidearm Tether Combo Mount Coyote
Ideal for police and military personnel
The length of the nylon thread is 91.44 cm.
Effort to break the thread - 27.2 kg.
The retracting force is 85 grams. The pulling force does not resist when the weapon is removed from the holster and doe
Gear Keeper High Tension Sidearm Tether
High spring tension prevents the firearm from hitting or dragging on the ground. Provides a stabilization force while aiming and suspend a fully -loaded handgun. Prevents loss of weapon. Velcro strap mounting allows for retractor to be mounted on belts, M