Esbit Solid Fuel And Cookset , 585 ml
When weight is important, this cook set is the right choice. Weighing around 200g only, made of hard, anodized aluminum, this cook set can easily be fired using Esbit solid fuel tablets.
Esbit Acohol Burner And Trekking Cookset
If you are often out and about alone, this compact, especially light cookset is for you. The burner is made from brass and the remaining items from hard anodized aluminum.
Esbit Solid Fuel Stove And Cookset , 1100 ml
At around 375g a real lightweight, made of hard anodized aluminum. The cooking set can be fired with either 27g Esbit solid fuel tablets or 14g tablets.
Esbit Pocket Stove With 6 Fuel Tabs
Simple, stable, and reliable stove with 2 cooking positions (small) or 3 cooking positions (large) availableā€”suitable for cups, pots, and pans (not included).
Folds down to a small, compact size. Constructed from durable, galvanized steel.