EmersonGear MP7 Tactical Chest Rig
The Emerson Chest Rig includes 3 MP7 mag pouches as well as molle webbing to add additional pouches. This simple lightweight rig has perforated vest backing that aids in heat dispersion and is supported by buckles for a quick release.
EmersonGear G3 Combat Shirt
Zipper and Velcro designed for quick and easy putting in and off.
Flexible Velcro configuration on bicep pocket for attaching patches.
Functional pocket : Double layer bicep shoulder pockets provide additional storage capacity
EmersonGear KAROO Drop Down Utility Pouch
The Karoo drop down pouch has a zipper that is designed for quick and easy access. Made with high density anti-tearing nylon.
EmersonGear Tactical Helmet Cover for Bump Style Airsoft Helmets
Made from durable nylon ripstop fabric,
Patch panels on back, top, and Sides for name tape, morale patches, IR patches, strobes and more,
Nylon bands on edge for comm cables, or other accessories,
Storage Pouch on Backside,
EmersonGear Personal Professional Battery Tester Watt Meter Power Analyzer
Check the remaining charge of your various NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe batteries with a easy to read digital display and know at a glance if your batteries needs to be re charged.
EmersonGear Constrictor M4 Double Magazine pouch
Emerson Tactical constrictor M4 double magazine pouch has a tough nylon exterior, double stack capabilities and adjustable pouch tension with a molle backing.