CRKT Homefront Hunter Knife w/Field Strip Tech
CRKT's Homefront hunter folding knife with field strip technology
CRKT Nirk Tighe Green
The machined, dynamic and functional design of the CRKT Nirk™ Tighe everyday carry folding knife is the centerpiece of your workday and conversations. Crafted around the innovative Klecker Lock, the Nirk™ Tighe is impressively strong .
CRKT M16 Special Forces , Tanto
Our aluminum InterFrame build SF folders share a unique design offering a combination of Carson M16 Series features requested by military procurement specialists. The dual grind Tanto blades were specified because they offer maximum strength.
CRKT Pilar Copper
The Pilar® Copper is a super compact everyday carry folder with distinctive minimalist design, a big colorful pop, and an epic tale behind its name. It’s low profile and understated when tucked away.