Camp Chef

Camp Chef 12" Cast Iron Skillet
Create the most delicious meals from scrambled eggs to monkey bread with this can't-go-wrong 12-inch seasoned cast iron skillet. The handle is designed for comfort as you cook, carry and pour with the pan, while dual pour spouts add to the convenience.
Camp Chef Cast Iron Cleaner , 6 oz
This special blend of all-natural oils and cleaning agents breakdown sugars and other food particles. The natural oils will not damage the finish of your cast iron cookware, it's safe to use on all seasoned and enamel pieces. 
Camp Chef The Roost Beer Can Chicken Holder
All it takes is half a can of beer and a chicken to create magic. You'll have to see for yourself with our Roost Beer Can Chicken Holder. You can cook tender, juicy Beer Can Chicken on your patio grill or try a new recipe with any other canned beverage.
Camp Chef 14X16 Reversible Cast Iron Grill/ Griddle
Versatility is important when it comes to outdoor cooking and the Reversible Cast Iron Grill and Griddle can do it all. This cast iron grill/griddle heats evenly and holds heat well, making it easy to cook your food to perfection.
Camp Chef 12" Cast Iron Deluxe Dutch Oven , 9 1/3 Quart
Cast Iron Dutch ovens are known for making some of the most delicious meals. When cooking with this deluxe nine and one-third quart, 12-inch Dutch oven your menu will expand because the lid doubles as a full size skillet.
Camp Chef Popcorn Popper
The Camp Chef Popcorn Popper adds fun and excitement to any night around the campfire. Simply add a small amount of oil and popcorn kernels, hold it over the fire and you will have a great tasting snack in minutes.
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 Pellet Grill
If your dream grill includes a wish list of more smoke, and more bold flavor then you'll love playing around with the newly invented Smoke Box. In addition to the hardwood pellets, the Smoke Box allows you to simultaneously control heat and flavor.
Camp Chef Explorer Two- Burner Stove
The durable, versatile unit packs enough power in its 30,000 BTU burners to boil water and cook your food, whether you’re tailgating at the football stadium or camping with the family.
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24 Pellet Grill
The Woodwind Pro speaks to control freaks and carefree cooks alike. If your dream grill includes a wish list of more smoke, and more bold flavor then you'll love playing around with the newly invented Smoke Box.
Camp Chef Sequoia Propane Fire Pit
Enjoy the comfort of this 'forest friendly' portable gas campfire. Whether you're out on the road in the RV, car camping with the family or just enjoying a night out on the patio - this portable gas firepit is sure to keep you warm.
Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner
Recommended by world champion Dutch-oven chefs as the best way to season your cast-iron Dutch ovens, grates, griddles or burners. It protects cast iron from rust, while simultaneously conditioning and seasoning it.
Camp Chef Wood Chunks
Here to help you master flavor and enhance your barbecue game is a variety of wood chips and wood chunks. Launching in four flagship flavors, these 100% hardwoods can be added to your electric, gas, or charcoal grill.
Camp Chef Cast Iron Pizza Pan
Enjoy a hot, fresh pizza just the way you like it. This large pan makes for a perfect pizza anytime, anywhere. The two decorative handles make it easy to handle. This pan is also great for fruit or dessert pizzas.
Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets
Camp Chef pellets produce less dust while giving maximum flavor. They’ll burn faster, cleaner, and more efficiently than anything else you’ll find on the market. And unlike others, our premium hardwood pellets are non-toxic.
Camp Chef Cast Iron Fry Pot Set, 7.5 Quart
Complete your outdoor and home kitchen by expanding your menu with this cast iron pot set. Fry your favorite wings or create a delicious seafood boil anytime, inside or out. This pot set includes a 7.5 quart cast iron pot, lid, and a handled basket
Camp Chef SmokePro 36" Pellet Grill Cover
Protect your 36-inch pellet grill and smoker with this durable patio cover. The high quality materials and weather-resistant liner keep your grill safe from the outdoor elements.
Camp Chef 14" Sidekick Side Burner For Pellet Grills W/ Griddle
The Sidekick is just that—your pellet grill’s powerful partner in cooking crime. The propane powered, single burner accessory easily attaches to most Camp Chef® pellet grills. It's designed to give you VersaGrillity™
Camp Chef 4 " Cast Iron Skillet
This 4 inch skillet is a great candy dish or decoration for the cabin and it's perfect for baking a single serving cookie. Like all Camp Chef's cast iron products, this mini skillet is seasoned a true seasoned finish
Camp Chef Smoker Tube
Bring the savory taste of wood-fired food to your next feast. Simply fill your Smoke Tube with wood pellets or wood chips, lite, and let the tube do the talking.
Camp Chef Hickory Wood Chips
When it comes to the best woods chips for smoking—look no further than Camp Chef. As an already established hardwood pellet creator, our BBQ Wood Chips are no different.
Camp Chef 16X14 Professional Flat Top Griddle
The Professional Flat Top Griddle is the newest steel griddle to join our line of flat top griddles. Designed to fit 16" Cooking Systems, this flat top steel griddle is the perfect option for when you're using your Professional Barbecue grill box
Camp Chef 14" Cast Iron skillet
Cast iron cooking for a large group? Our 14-inch skillet has you covered. The biggest skillet in our cast iron line, this pan can handle whatever recipe you want to try, from fajitas to cinnamon rolls.
Camp Chef Smoke Pro 24" Pellet Grill Cover
It’s time to show your pellet grill and smoker how much you love it. This durable, weather-resistant patio cover will keep your grill dry and protected through hot afternoons and rainy mornings, so you’ll never have to worry about it leaving it out
Camp Chef 10" Cast Iron Skillet
Look no further than our classic 10" cast iron skillet, seasoned with Camp Chef's True Seasoned Finish so it's ready to go right out of the box.