Arcturus AKM AEG Rifle - Z Stock
Arcturus AKM AEG Rifle with Z Stock
Arcturus AK12 AEG
Gorgeous and well-built AK-12 from Arcturus, featuring modern looks and plenty of rail space for optics and grips. Includes one 30/130 round Arcturus AK-12 mid-cap magazine, perhaps the nicest-looking AK-12 magazine on the market.

Notable internals inc
Arcturus Saber URGI MK16 9.5" AEG
AT-AR12 is the new assault rifle of Arcturus producer that has already accustomed airsoft players to the reliability, accuracy, and durability of their replicas.
Arcturus Saber URGI MK16 13.5" AEG
The main elements such as receivers, handguard, gas block, outer barrel, ambi charging handle and receiver extension were made of aluminum and light alloys. Smaller parts, including the flash hider, ambi magazine catch, ambi bolt catch, assist assembly, e
Arcturus Lite Mur MOD C CQB
Thanks to the nylon body, the weight and the price of the replica were reduced, making it a handy and affordable airsoft gun. Using the nylon, the replica did not lose its strength, because the socket of the receiver extension tube and a barrel socket wit
Arcturus Centaur B AEG
The replica has innovative solutions both inside and out.
With just two pins, we are able to dismantle the rifle into two receivers.
The upper receiver, hand guard, and the outer barrel are made of CNC aluminum, anodized to protect the finish.
The lowe
Arcturus Lite Mur MOD B CQB
This Arcturus M4 is a step above out of the box, built with quality and reliability in mind.

On the inside the rifle comes stock Lithium – Polymer ready, an 18:1 Gear set and a piston equipped with a full rack of steel teeth. For added ease of use, Arc
Arcturus Variable Capacity AK Mag
Features  Midcap
Color  Black / Noir
Capacity  30 / 120 BBs
Arcturus Rail Section - M-LOK 3"
Arcturus rail section - M-LOK 3".
Arcturus Rail section - M-LOK 2"
Arcturus rail section - M-LOK 2".