AIM Sports

AIM Sports Acog 4X32 Tri-Ill Scope
AIM Sports tactical ACOG optic with a 4x32 sight, 3 colour overlay and top fiber optic iron sight.
AIM Sports Red Dot 4 Reticles
The Operator Edition Reflex Sight 1X34mm is a lightweight, compact reflex sight with a wide field of view. With 4 unique reticles patterns and dual-illumination this reflex sight has ultra-fast target acquisition and unlimited eye relief.
AIM Sports Long Riser Mount
AIM Sports long riser mount.
AIM Sports 2-7x32 Dual Illumination Long Eye Relief Scope w/ Rings
The 2-7X32mm Scout Scope has a Duplex Reticle. Long Eye Relief (LER) optics are designed with a slim profile and low to medium magnification. These forward mounted optics are an ideal choice for a wide variety of lever and bolt action rifles. Scout scopes
AIM Sports Sub-comp 330 Lumen Weapn Light w/QRM Colour Lens Filters
AIM Sports Sub-compact 330 Lumen Weapon Light w/QRM Colour lens.
AIM Sports 4x32 Compact Scope - MIL-DOT
The AIM Sports 4X32 Compact Mil-Dot Rifle Scope offers excellent light transmission thanks to its blue fused multi-coated lenses, which reduce internal reflections while providing protection against scratches.
AIM Sports 4X32 Fog Proof Scope w/ rings Rangefinder
AIM sports 4x32 fog proof scope w/rings.
AIM Sports Mini Red Dot w/ riser T1
The Micro Dot Sight 1X20mm is Dual-Illuminated and offers elevated peripheral and depth perception you are looking for when shooting. It is low profile and adaptable to many different profiles. With adjustable turrets elevation and windage, adjustments ar
AIM Sports 3-9x40 Tri-Illuminated Reticle Scope
AIM Sports 3-9x40 Tri-Illuminated Reticle Scope Mil Dot.
AIM Sports Mini Red Dot w/weaver base
AIM Sports Dual Illuminated 1x20 micro dot sight with red & green dot overlay.
AIM Sports Reflex Dot Sight - Weaver/Picatinny Mount
Aircraft grade aluminum,
Fog proof and shock-resistant housing,
Coated lens provides superior light transmission, resolution and scratch resistance,
Dual-illuminated (Red, Green) reticle with adjustable rheostat for brightness control,
4 different ret
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