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G&G Armament Piranha MK1

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The G&G Piranha MKI pistol is an innovate pistol designed to be a flexible platform that works as both a secondary weapon as well as a lower for the wildly popular SMC-9.  The Piranha features an interesting split slide, sight tracking style design.  As the gun shoots and cycles, only the rear half of the slide moves, keeping the front sight affixed on any potential target for better tracking.  

The pistol also features an interesting hip up adjustment method as it is adjusted at the muzzle with an dummy round adjustment tool.  Not having to remove your complete slide for adjustment makes this process easy and quick.  


Features & Specs:

  • Manufacturer: G&G
  • Name: G&G Piranha MK1 Gas Blowback Pistol Black
  • Fire Option: Semi
  • Colors: Black or Silver
  • Blowback: Yes
  • HopUp: Yes
  • Gas: Green Gas
  • Upper/Lower Receiver: Full metal Slide, Polymer Frame
  • BB Velocity: 300-330fps w/ .20g BBs
  • Range: 100-150ft
  • Split Slide Design

Package Includes:

  • 1x G&G Piranha MK1 Gas Blowback Pistol Black
  • 1x G&G Piranha magazine
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