Madbull Premium Match Grade 6mm PLA Biodegradable Airsoft BB (.28g White / 4000rd Bag)

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Article number: BB-MB-PLA-28g4k



  • Consistent, high quality BB's (5.95mm +/-0.01mm)
  • Precision lapping and polishing process ensures a perfectly spherical and smooth BB for best performance
  • Earth Friendly; made from corn

Color: White

Who has the time or energy to be able to pick up all of the BBs that are shot out of your gun? Be responsible and green by using biodegradable BBs which degrade over time and are earth friendly. Along with our Plife Bio BBs we now offer BBs that are 100% PLA. Bio BBs are available for every gun and will shoot just as well as a regular BB. We will have 4 different PLA options: 0.20g, 0.23g, 0.25g and 0.28g.

MadBull BBs are put through a precision lapping and polishing process to guarantee strict tolerances (diameter of 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm).

MadBull Match Grade BBs are further refined using a specially controlled cooling process which prevents bubbles and imperfections from forming giving you a more accurate BB.

Size: 6mm
Quantity: 4000 rounds

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