JeffTron Micro Mosfet II for Airsoft AEG

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Article number: Mosfet-JT-MOS-S1


  • Micro mosfet fits almost any AEG
  • Designed for springs up to M160 (equivalent for current 75A single shot fire or 25A burst fire for max 30s)
  • Specified for common batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, LiPo 7.4 - 14.8V)
  • 5 wires connection
  • No battery consumption when idle
  • No sparking on switch contacts
  • Devices without wires, you can use max. 1.5qmm (AWG16) power wires and 0.5qmm (AWG20) signal wires

Professionally made mosfet designed for airsoft electric guns (AEG).
Mosfet provides more consistent rate of fire and ensures battery longevity, versus other basic wiring.

Dimensions: 15x7x5mm
Maximum Input Voltage: 17V
Compatibility: For all Airsoft AEG gearboxes

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