GATE MERF 3.2 Burst Advanced Airsoft Mosfet

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Article number: MOSFET-MERF32


  • Active Braking:(Enhanced mode) Stops the motor as soon as the switch is released, prevents spring compression or extra shots after the shot in semi-auto mode
  • Protections for Li-Poly/LiFePO4/Li-Po/Li-ion/Li-Fe/NiCd batteries; short-circuit protection; over temperature protection; eliminate electric arcing(Enhanced mode only); Eliminates power loss and electric arc damage from mechanical switch
  • Configuration can be done with included programming button or AEG trigger switch depending on operating mode
  • MOSFET integrated circuit for higher efficiency and faster trigger response(enhanced mode); Rate Of Fire Control: Smart Trigger allows rate of fire control from 30%~100%. The first shot in full-auto or burst is always 100% ROF for the fast trigger response
  • Suitable for most AEGs and replace mechanical trigger switch; Compatible with most AEG motors and battery packs from 3.2V to 15V
  • 3-Round Burst Firing Mode: Allows standard SAFE/SEMI/AUTO shooting modes to be converted into SAFE/SEMI/BURST (simple/enhanced mode) or SAFE/BURST/AUTO(enhanced mode); trigger can be released early in Burst mode to do shorter bursts
  • Electronic resettable fuse, self-reset after the trigger is released for the ease of use
  • CLICK HERE for Instruction Manuals

The Gate MERF 3.2 Mosfet Unit is the Third generation of airsoft Mosfets from Gate. This system allows for increased trigger response time, loss-less rate of fire adjustment, adjustable 3-round burst mode, active motor breaking, and protects Batteries. This Mosfet is able to handle up to 15 volts, has 10 different functions, and operate in 2 modes: Enhanced mode and Simple mode.(1) Enhanced mode. will require you to do some gearbox work and soldering but will allow you to take full advantage of the Features of this awesome Mosfet.(2) Simple mode. No modification to your AEG is required just plug and play, but will not stop Trigger contact Arcing.This Mosfet is compatible with most AEG's, including upgraded AEG's.

Compatibility: For most gearbox and AEG platform.
Dimensions: 70 x 20 x 10 mm
Maximum continuous current: 35A ( 50A for 3 min )
Stand-by current: 0.15mA
Resistance: 2.4 mOhm
Weight: 15g
Operating modes: (a)Simple mode (b)Enhanced mode
Manufacture: GATE / Poland

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